You’re looking for ways to communicate with your loyal audience? Email marketing is just the service for you.

Email marketing entails sending professional newsletters to the subscribers of your business. Newsletters are used to communicate with the buyers who know your business, subscribe to it and who want to receive offers and news from your company.

Email marketing has been considered a number 1 sales tool for years, which is proven by the ROI of email marketing compared to the other communication channels. Since you’re communicating directly with the subscribers, email marketing communication is very personal and should be done properly and with full attention to detail. Because of this, our team has designed a three step email marketing process which guarantees results!

  • Consultation?– during the phases of defining the target audience, implementing the entire newsletter system, defining the subscriber base, developing a strategy for further growth and setting goals which the company would like to achieve.
  • Email marketing campaign design?– we design various types of campaigns in accordance with the strategy designed during the first step.
  • Managing the campaigns and analyzing metrics?– list segmentation, sending and managing the campaigns; campaign analysis and reporting about results achieved.

What a good newsletter looks like?

Regarding the content of the newsletters, quality pictures and links are a must and too much text should be avoided. Attention must be paid to the time and frequency of sending because newsletter should be sent neither too frequently nor too rarely. Template should be responsive so that the customers can see it well on the mobile devices as well. Content should be segmented and sent in appropriate languages and the newsletter should be tested before sending it out. Finally, after sending it’s neccessary to monitor the metrics to keep the subscribers and high newsletter open rates.

You lack the time to create and manage a quality newsletter?

No worries, we have a solution for you! WebFox creates and manages newsletters for your business inside of the Mailchimp application for creating and sending professional newsletters. We send emails only to your loyal customers which have previously subscribed to receive marketing content from your company.

Interested in generating more sales? Start your Email campaign today!